March 3, 2022

What is the best age for a newborn session? | Austin Newborn Photoshoot

One of the most common questions I get is, what the best age is for your newborn photoshoot at my studio here in Austin, TX?

And my answer is…

It depends!

I know, I know… that seems ambiguous. I wanted to break it down a little for the expecting Mamas today! Hopefully this give you a better understanding of what to expect with your little one’s newborn session.

 FAQ’s for your Newborn Photoshoot in Austin, TX

When Should I schedule my baby’s newborn session?

For the sleepiest photos of your baby, 10 to 14 days after birth is a great timeframe. Baby is still very little and in that sleepy newborn phase. This is personally my favorite age for your session and the most common!

That said, a lot depends on how Mom and baby are doing! It’s not unusual for some Mamas to wait until 3 or 4 weeks old, or longer, particularly if birth and delivery did not go as expected.

What if we have to delay our session?

Each pregnancy is so different, and so is recovery. Sometimes babies come early and need time in the NICU or Mama’s recovery is harder than expected. While we plan your session at 2 weeks old with good intentions, sometimes we have to push a session back. And that’s okay! Truly- there is something special about a newborn session when baby is slightly older. As you can see below, older newborns (this little guy was 6 weeks old!) are SO precious!

They are typically more alert and may not sleep as much, or at all. But I just loved the eye contact he had with the camera!

What if siblings need more time to adjust?

As a Mom of two I know those first two weeks are a big transition for big brother or sister. It’s very true they may need for time to adjust! However, I don’t recommend basing your newborn photoshoot timing on an older sibling.

In the session below, big sister was a little hesitant getting too close to baby. But, I have some tricks up my sleeve that helped document these very sweet sibling moments!

Once baby arrives

Most Mamas reach out to me either in the hospital or the day they get home to let me know baby has arrived. From there, we plan your session date!

When it comes down to timing your newborn session, the main goal is that Mom and baby are feeling their absolute best.

I take limited sessions per month to ensure I can fully serve my clients. That means from planning wardrobe, to professional hair and makeup, to your seamless experience here in my Austin studio- everything else can easily fall into place!

Whether your session is 2 weeks after birth, or 6, it will be special because you chose to have this stage of your life documented!

Mom received professional hair and makeup prior to session. Wardrobe provided by the SAP client wardrobe.

6 week old newborn photos in Austin, TX studio. Photo by Sana Ahmed Photography.
Closeup of baby's feet during newborn photoshoot in Austin with Sana Ahmed Photography.
Baby boy in oatmeal swaddle and knotted hat. Photo by Sana Ahmed Photography.
Awake 6 week old during his newborn photoshoot in Austin, TX. Photo by Sana Ahmed Photography.
Baby in oatmeal swaddle looking at camera during newborn session with Sana Ahmed Photography.
Eyelash details on baby during newborn photos with Sana Ahmed Photography.
Baby in blue knit swaddle sleeping during newborn photoshoot with Austin photographer, Sana Ahmed Photography.
Happy big sister in blue petal collar dress. Photo by Sana Ahmed Photography.
Clapping big sister sitting on studio floor with her lovey. Photo by Sana Ahmed Photography.
Big sister on bed gently resting her hand on baby brother. Photo by Sana Ahmed Photography.
Excited big sister smiling at baby brother during Austin newborn photoshoot. Photo by Sana Ahmed Photography.
Big sister looking at baby as he sleeps in Moses basket. Photo by Sana Ahmed Photography.
Big sister sweetly touching baby's cheek as he sleeps in Moses basket. Photo by Sana Ahmed Photography.
Newborn session with excited toddler. Photo by Sana Ahmed Photography.
Mom smiling at baby during newborn photoshoot in Austin studio. Photo by Sana Ahmed Photography.
Mom with kids during newborn session in studio with by Sana Ahmed Photography.
Dad smiling at camera as he holds baby boy. Photo by Sana Ahmed Photography.
Photos of family during baby brother's newborn photoshoot with Sana Ahmed Photography.

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