July 30, 2021

Why Custom Framing is an Investment Worth Making for your Family

As my own children get older, I have felt compelled to document each season of our lives moreso than ever before. Being home with them more this past year has been such a blessing, but was also a stark reminder that they are growing right before our eyes. I mean, I swear I blinked and my son grew two inches!

The thing is, if our photos only live on our devices how can we be sure our children will ever get to see and relive special moments from their childhood? I know it’s hard to think about, but hear me out. Long after we’re gone our children will want to see a tangible reminder of the love that we have for them.

Whether it’s during that sweet newborn phase or later when they’ve grown – your images are priceless. Printed portraits of both the big milestones and the little in-between moments will ensure they have a tangible reminder of the precious memories we are making, together.

That is why I feel so whole-heartedly in providing something more than just the digital images to clients.

Custom Framing and Wall Art Design

Trust me, I know wall art is difficult to do on your own. Prior to being a full service photographer myself, I never had a photographer for our family who offered this service. It makes me sad thinking about it! I know for some it can be such a challenge to decide which images to display in your home, what frames would work well, or simply how to hang your artwork without ruining walls.

That is why I’m here for my clients every step of the way.

Your family’s story- as told by the beautiful portraits that you get to pass by each and every day- is too special to not display. They deserve to have a space on your walls and to be enjoyed, not just when you scroll through your phone.

Photo of Sana Ahmed Photography as she stands by a beautiful custom gallery wall design in her Austin, TX studio.

Gallery Wall Design | The Long View

The first step is thinking ahead with a long term vision of how you’d like to display images from your sessions. By doing so, we can decide where to start. Often we start small and add to it over time in what I call a ‘story wall.’

For families just starting out, starting small with custom framing is perfect. That way, especially for my First Year Collective families, we build onto that wall art design with each session.

We also design according to the client’s current season of life. With so many families here in the Austin area who are moving or building their forever homes, we want to be sure their design can move with them and be integrated into any home. I can assure you that wherever you move, there will always be empty walls to fill!

Photo of Sana Ahmed Photography showing the Custom framing and installation services she provides to families.
Closeup of Sana Ahmed placing framed artwork on wall in gallery wall design.

Choosing Images for Custom Framing

Oftentimes my clients can’t decide between images, so we select some to frame and others go into their album design. During this step, I ensure that images compliment each other perfectly within the design. As an added bonus, gallery designs can even be seen on the walls of your home with a special program I use before you decide! It’s a great visual if you are deciding between designs or finishes.

Your artwork is then printed and displayed with only the highest quality, conservation materials built to last for generations.

Custom framing options with real wood corner samples in the studio with Sana Ahmed Photography.
Closeup of gallery wall design process with custom frame corners. Photo by Sana Ahmed Photography.

Wall Art Installation

And probably the husbands’ favorite part? Installation!

Yep, it’s true. I will personally install your wall art for you. That means you and your spouse won’t have to worry about holes in your walls or the perfect placement. It will be completely stress-free!

Installs are one of my favorite parts of the SAP client experience because the joy I see on clients’ faces after the gallery is installed is priceless!

If you’re interested in custom framing for your family’s portraits, contact me here!

Stunning gallery wall design with gold frames and white mat by Sana Ahmed Photography.
Photo of Sana Ahmed Photography with beautiful frames in her Austin studio.

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