January 30, 2024

4 Reasons Not To Skip The Sitter Milestone Session

As an Austin baby photographer, we have become well-versed in the developmental stages of your precious little ones. We’ve seen babies in every stage, from newborn to well past their first-year milestone session. One milestone we feel doesn’t get quite enough love is the sitter milestone session. Here are our four favorite reasons not to skip this adorable stage when documenting your babies.

4 Reasons Not To Skip The Sitter Milestone Session

Your Baby’s Personality is Shining

During this season for baby, their tiny personalities are really coming into full bloom. They love to smile, laugh, and respond well to coos and some prompts. It’s a fun age to reflect on how much they’ve grown!

Most Babies Aren’t Fully Mobile Yet

At this stage, babies have loads of energy and are extra busy! They also aren’t fully mobile yet, which means we can get some entertaining moments and movement without chasing them around the studio. But don’t worry, we will cover that during their next milestones!

All the Rolls

Have we mentioned yet that this is also one of our favorite seasons because of all the most adorable baby features? We can’t ever get enough of the precious baby rolls and tiny little finger dimples. It’s also when you can see little glimpses of them as their older selves.

Embrace the Independence

During this session, babies are more likely to start showing more independence, and we embrace every moment. They may not want to be held, and we love to give them the space to explore the studio and document all the in-between moments.

From Newborn Session to Sitter Milestone

I loved seeing this little one and how much he’s grown since his newborn session! He had the best time moving around on his own, and I loved the portraits of him sitting up on his own! He was such a joy to have in the studio, and I can’t wait to see him back for his next milestone session soon!

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