November 8, 2023

Studio Newborn Session for Twin Baby Boys

It was such a sweet experience photographing this precious studio newborn session for twin baby boys! Their family is overflowing with joy, and helping them preserve these new memories was an honor! Plus, it was so fun getting the chance to stretch myself creatively with not one but TWO babies!

Studio Newborn Session for Twin Baby Boys

These two little ones were such a joy to have in the studio. I just could not get over how precious they both were. They loved being snuggled up in their swaddles, so we made sure to get images of them together and individually.

I loved the slight variation of blues Mom chose for their wraps, a sweet nod to their own little personalities that will soon blossom as they grow. For twins, we always want to ensure that each baby gets poses by themselves and with their sibling.

I almost melted at how adorable they were together and how much they loved snuggling into each other. We loved posing them how they were in utero. It was such a beautiful way to document their development as a keepsake for Mom and Dad.

Preparing For Your Newborn Session With Twins

As you would probably imagine, newborn sessions with twins can sometimes run a little longer. With two babies to settle and pose, we want to ensure ample time to give each baby what they need to feel cozy. There are a few more portraits to document with each baby, so planning for that extra time is always a great idea.

These two little loves are already pros in the studio, and our session moved right along with hardly any delays. I loved the portraits of Mom and Dad both holding the boys. They were so excited to start their collection with a three-piece gallery.

Their arms and their hearts are overflowing, and I can’t wait to continue watching this gorgeous family grow.


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