October 26, 2023

Adorable Austin Milestone Session

This was the most adorable Austin milestone session with the most energetic baby girl! She LOVED being in the studio, and we had the most fun playing and documenting this sweet season!

Adorable Austin Milestone Session

This precious girl had such an abundance of energy. She loved taking photos “all by herself” and absolutely did not want to be held. We all giggled about her independence. Mom and Dad are both excited and more than a little humored by this new development for their precious girl. As a mom of two, I know the feeling well.

These little ones grow so fast. For months and months, they need you for everything and one day, “I do it myself” becomes their favorite phrase.

We kept this little one busy by dancing and swinging to keep her occupied for the family portraits. They even brought along their precious fur baby, and she was a complete angel. She’s been so sweet with her new baby and also loved being in the studio for her baby sister’s one-year milestone session.

After The Session | Building a Gallery Wall

I’m thrilled that this sweet family is building a gallery wall with their images from this session.

First, we decided where in their home they would hang their gallery wall to get the most enjoyment from this new piece of art.

Next, we narrowed down our favorite images from the session to ensure they would flow cohesively for their design.

After their appointment, I took care of the ordering and framing. Once their new pieces arrive, I will schedule with them to install everything. From start to finish, I always help clients through this process so photos end up where they should, on the walls of your home, not stuck on a hard drive in your junk drawer!

I love that they chose a gallery that will grow over time! I’m so thrilled to help them keep documenting this season of growth with them!


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