August 13, 2021

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos

I know it’s still hot as Hades here in Austin so it’s hard to even think about Fall, but it’s that time of year! Fall is one of the busiest seasons for photographers so now is the time to get your session planning underway! During the planning process, one of the most common questions I get is what to wear for your Fall family photos.

Trust me, I know it’s tough to decide! Finding ways to balance our mild weather but also make it look like Fall can be tough for the whole family. Cue the SAP Client Wardrobe!!

During the wardrobe consultation, the biggest takeaway I give to families is to consider what you plan to do with your portraits after your session. Sure, buffalo plaid is fun and festive, but is that what will look best framed on the walls of your home?

Over the years I have found that my clients love their images the most when their wardrobe styling, even in the Fall, compliments the style and decor of their homes. Neutrals and muted colors for Fall allow the focus to be on your family and your connection. Because of that, Fall sessions tend to look more like the wardrobe ideas below!

Tips for Planning What to Wear for Fall Family Photos

Patterns & Textures

While I love plaid for Fall, it’s not always the best option for your family portrait session. To make it work, choose small scale plaid patterns with neutral colors. Those tend to photograph the best, while still complimenting everyone else’s outfits, your home, and looking great on a holiday card!

Similar to plaid, I love florals if used on a small scale. You’ll see in the outfit ideas for your Fall session below that I included some floral dresses in Fall tones with small floral patterns. The prints aren’t large or distracting to the eye, and will photograph beautifully!

For texture, I love to add a knit on at least one family member for a Fall session. Lace and embroidered details are perfect for girls too!

Outfit suggestions for what to wear during your Fall family photo session. Options provided by Sana Ahmed Photography.


In the inspiration boards you’ll see color families that work really well for Fall portrait sessions! My personal favorite is warm tones like off white, mauve, and khaki, but I find that the cool tones are an unexpected but beautiful option for Fall, too! Sage green is also great for your session, though I always tell Mamas to keep your location in mind. If you’re planning a field session, sage green may not be the best option because it will be so similar to the grass.

When planning your wardrobe, we try to keep everyone in a similar color family. So either everyone wearing those warm tones or everyone in cool tones like shades of blue and bright white. I love the grey in the casual look below because it softens the styling to make it look a bit more cozy!

All of these muted colors mixed with neutrals are a perfect combination for Fall photos that will also look stunning in albums and on walls of your home.

Ideas for outfits to wear during Fall session with sage green and white tones by Sana Ahmed Photography.


You really can’t go wrong with any style here in Austin which is one of the reasons I love it so much. Some families love the boho look, while others like the dainty lace and frilled sleeves of the formal look. Others love the idea of a casual look because it feels like them.

With a variety of options in several sizes, Mom and kids can easily choose from the Client Wardrobe. Generally for Dad, I recommend tech pants. He can find these at J.Crew or other similar stores in a variety of colors. They are basically dri-fit pants that won’t wrinkle and cause Mom to have to do last minute ironing pre-session!Fall photo session outfit ideas with blue, grey and white tones by Sana Ahmed Photography.


Suspender shorts, a sweet bonnet for baby, or special earrings for Mom are just a few of my favorite details to photograph for each family. When styling a family, we also plan accessories. My mantra is to make sure accessories are simple that complement your wardrobe and are not a distraction. We want the focus in our family photos to be the love you have for each other.

And don’t forget- if you’re not sure what to wear for Fall family photos, access to the Client Wardrobe is included for all sessions! In fact, all of the Mom’s dresses in the inspiration are included in the wardrobe. They are some of my favorites to photograph and make planning everyone else’s outfits around yours a piece of cake!

If you’re hoping to book a Fall family or maternity session, reach out here as soon as possible. Dates are very limited and tend to book up early for the Fall family photo season here in Austin!

What to Wear for your Fall Family Photos and three looks with their color tones to help you decide by Sana Ahmed Photography.


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