May 15, 2024

Milestone Sitter Session in Austin for Sweet Baby Boy

Sitter sessions are always a favorite in our Austin studio. We love the opportunity to welcome previous and new clients into the studio to document the growth of their little ones with milestone sessions, and sitter sessions always feel extra fun. This sweet little guy has grown so much in the last six months, and we loved having him back in the studio for his milestone sitter session.

What Is a Sitter Session? 

As babies grow and develop, capturing their precious milestones becomes increasingly important. Sitter sessions, which typically take place when a baby is around 6-8 months old, are a wonderful way to document this stage of their development. At this age, babies are usually able to sit up unassisted but are not yet crawling or walking, making it an ideal time to capture their budding personality and individuality. 

This is one of my favorite times for capturing silly faces and big beaming smiles. If they were a membership client, I love seeing how much they’ve grown and how their sessions show that growth in a tangible way.

I’ve Had My Session, Now What? 

One of my favorite parts of having clients opt into the First Year Collective is the artwork after the session. There isn’t a better way to honor your cherished family photos than getting them out of digital form and into your hands. Whether you choose an heirloom album or a custom gallery wall, enjoying these treasured memories is much better done by flipping through pages and seeing them on your walls daily than on a screen. 

This sweet family opted for a small two-piece gallery wall for their home. Believe it or not, you don’t have to go big to make a statement. A thoughtful gallery with some of your favorite images can be just as meaningful as a large installation. Plus, you can always add to your gallery over time! 

When planning your artwork, we will always consider your space and ask intentional questions to help you choose where to give these portraits a home. 

Ready to create some meaningful and custom artwork of you and your babies? Let’s get started!


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